Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toesies of the Month - August 2009

I know it's only been 2 weeks. But I'll be honest..the orange started to hurt my eyes a little :) It was just such a BRIGHT shade! Really fun, actually! I'd get them that bright again...but I needed some familiarity...

I also needed to get them done to match the bellydance costume I plan on wearing for my Lola's 90th Birthday Party :)

Designed by Thuy at Star Nails, Allston, MA
Color: Sally Hansen Hi-Def #4070-04
Occasion: Bellydance
August 2009

I used to go to Star Nails often when I was in school. A cute couple owned it and worked in it together. But since the management changed, I haven't really gone very often. They don't have anyone trained in doing the super cute designs. So they usually hand me a palette of fake nails, and I point to the one I like the most. This month, the design isn't as cute, but it's green now :D

also decided to get a manicure as well. I don't do them often because I do so much with my hands, that it never lasts long. You can somewhat see it in the picture, but I already have a little scuff on my thumb which I got from taking the lock off my bike. Also, I got some of the Mermaid FLASH along the top of the French tip. It's really cute, actually! There's this subtle shimmer on them if you look closely at the picture.

Designed by Thuy at Star Nails, Allston, MA
Color: aura science - Mermaid FLASH + OPI Alpine Snow - Matte
Occasion: Bellydance

I've never gotten French tip nails before. When I got my nails done last month, I went with my lovely sister and she got French tip on her hands with a gold glitter line at the top. I wanted to give it a try while adding my own personal style. But I feel super dainty with them! It's like I have to be super careful now...but I know I'm going to mess them up within a week. Thuy also made my nails look super long! I feel like I'm all it's early Halloween! And I love Halloween! I'm definitely enjoying my nails this month!

In general, I like Star Nails because of it's proximity, but I would probably stick with Dana's Nails - if only for the super super cute designs the girls there do without needing a template!

I find it really interesting what the nail staff are watching. In some salons, they've got on the news. In others, like Dana's, they have a movie or a DVD of Madonna's or Christina Aguilera's tour. The women in Star Nails were watching some Vietnamese TV, which was showing some Chinese drama dubbed in Vietnamese. But the commercials had my full attention...they were RIDICULOUS! There were a variety of random massage products, from the feet massage, to some weird belt-like massager, to the ever-hilarious Hula Chair. It was even MORE random and hilarious in Vietnamese. What's that? You don't know about the awesomeness that IS the Hula Chair? you go...

You're welcome.

Next month: September and Fall and a new academic year! Colors I relate to that are oranges and browns and golds. Don't know if I'll stick to that palette...but maybe I'll just surprise you all.

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    i've never seen something soo ridiculis and SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you Ceci for making me laugh so much! hahahahahahahah!! the hula chair! BEsT

    Infomercial EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ..still laughing..!!!

    ps you nails look soo cute!!! Mermaid Flash??!! oh!that is SOOOO you!!



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