Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tori Amos! Meet & Greet and Concert

On Monday, August 17th, Tori Amos ended her Sinful Attraction Tour in Boston at the Bank of America Pavilion.

I decided to treat myself for the day and call in sick.

The last time I saw Tori, it was October 17th, 2007, at The Orpheum. She had 2 shows that week, and her Meet & Greet was on Day 2. Unfortunately, I couldn't get out of work that day. But I might have to call in sick if she plays on another weekday.

Back in 2005, Tori came to the Pavilion, and that's where I went to my first Meet & Greet. Everyone was so nice! I told people it was my first Meet & Greet, and they made me feel so welcomed. They even made sure that I was able to meet and greet Tori!

Tori and me! 2005

This time around, I recognized a couple of faces and made new friends. It was in the same area that it was last year, around the same time. It was sweltering in 2005, and it was just as gross if not worse in 2009. But, just like before, the wait was absolutely worth it.

Tori's cute outfit and gardening hat!

Yay!!!! Tori and me, 2009

While I was waiting my turn, it felt like all the people before me had so much to say to her. I feel like it must be tough for her to hear people's personal stories, especially if they're survivors as Tori is a survivor herself. I would love to tell her how much her music means to me. But that's also such a general thing to say. I saw people give her presents, and I thought, what can I take off myself to give to her? "Tori, I love you!" That's what my heart and my ears say.

But when I went up to her, I said, "Hi Tori!! I'm Cecilia. I feel like everyone's prepared a speech, but I got nothing!" She leaned back and laughed! I made Tori laugh...!!!!!!!!! It was too awesome. I think I also said something like, "I hope you have a good show!" Hahahaha...what? What a weird thing to say to a freakin' rock star....

She was so nice, though! She just said, "Well, you're here now. I hope you enjoy yourself." She also complemented my necklace. I love my necklace even more now!! I put my arm around her and her new bodyguard took our picture.

Oh man....it was amazing!!!! What a fabulous reason to skip work!

I had a ticket for Section 2, Row Z, Seat 20. It was in the back of the center front section...smack dab in the middle!!! I thought it was amazing, even if the 2 people in front of me had no idea what they were getting themselves into and left early :) Better view for me!

Here's the set list with my pictures from the most AMAZING show:

ACT I: Tori w/band


Big Wheel

Cornflake Girl

Bells For Her

Space Dog



Tear In Your Hand

Welcome To England

*Lizard Lounge*
Silent All These Years (AMAZING Solo)

"I Gotta Go" improv (which talked a bit about her recording songs for her Christmas album, supposedly) / Cool On Your Island

Lady In Blue (band returns)

The Power Of Orange Knickers


Digital Ghost

Precious Things

Strong Black Vine

Raspberry Swirl

She's Your Cocaine

Body and Soul

Sometimes, when I read the forums, I feel like there's a lot of negative people on there. I'm not saying I love her unconditionally...there are definitely songs I can do without - one of which she played during this set. The last two albums have been very different. Some songs I love, and some I don't particularly favor. But, there's always a ton of people who are never happy about how she plays something, what she plays, what she wears, what's happening on stage. I know you can't please everybody. But it bums me out when the so many fans on the forums have to be so negative. You're on the forums for a reason, hopefully being that you love Tori. If you weren't there at the show, you probably won't have any idea whether you liked the song or not. Even the song I don't particularly like, I was rocking out to.

There are also the folks who go from show to show, following her around the country and around the world. It's amazing to me. I don't know how they have the money to do it. Even if I had the money, I probably would be spending it to live comfortably. I've never been a big fan of being a groupie like that, to be honest. It seems like people tend to get a big head about it. "Oh, well, Tori knows me. Watch me strut around like I'm the shiznit." Well, I mean, that's cool that Tori knows you. But you ain't better than any of us who can only afford 1 ticket. Love is love. But to devote yourself wholly to one person like that...it leaves no room for yourself. I'm sure even Tori would shake her finger at that.

Then, there are the people who had no idea what Tori is like live. They might like a couple of songs here and there...or maybe they didn't know anything at all, and they got tickets from someone else. These 2 girls sat in front of me. They sat there, pointing out people who were absolutely enjoying themselves and making snide comments. They left soon near the end. I couldn't believe these girls sat in front of me. I could have been in their seat..someone who LOVES her could be in that seat. Why waste the money to have expensive beers and sit in the humidity?

But here are my two cents:
Overall, the show was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I truly felt like the music and the lyrics were my religion for that evening. I swayed back and forth to the beat. I fanned myself to the beat. I cried, absolutely not expecting to.
When she started playing Silent All These Years, I couldn't help but feel my heart pour out of itself. That song has so much meaning for me. "But what if I'm a mermaid in these jeans of his with her name still on it..." The way she sang it, it felt so solemn..there was so much feeling in it. I couldn't help but cry during the whole song. Then she brought out Cool On Your Island...I just about melted in the heat of the night. "If you don't treat me better, baby I'll just run away..." Those first words in the song helped me so much in the hardest of times.

Then, Santa came out. Oh Santa...I don't know who my favorite American Doll Posse is, but Santa definitely stole my heart last night. AND she ended the night with one of my new favorites, Body and Soul. "These devils of yours they need love." It's been my anthem these past couple of trying times.

It's literally like she found me in the middle of the Pavilion. I love that she played songs from throughout her career. I love that she sang songs that mean a lot to me.

And with that, I leave you with what I could record of Silent All These Years.


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  2. Thank you for these.

  3. wow...you met her twice! how lucky of you! i used to listen to her music a lot. i think i left her old albums in the philippines.

  4. I was at that show, too, but I didn't have great seats. It must have been the hottest day (night) in a decade. I remember it being sooo hot, and I'm not talking about Tori ha ha although that too! The version of Precious Things at that show was the BEST I've ever heard, and I have probably 17 different live/bootleg/remix and normal studio versions on my iPod, if not more. I watch it on YouTube occasionally and can't get enough of it.


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