About Me

"Oh, hello...I didn't see you there...."

My name is Cecilia.

I'm a California Girl living it up New England style.

My favorite things are the color green and mermaids.

I like blogging about my random thoughts, emotions, and observations.  I also like sharing what I see with tons of photographs.  I love pedicures, especially when they come with a spa chair and funky colors and designs.  I take pictures of those things, too.

I'm one of those still-somewhat-idealistic people in the world who tries to look for the best in people, and you can blame that on my MSW.  But, I'd like to think I'm real about it.

I blog because I like sharing.  Not because I think my point of view is better.  It's just different...it's my own.

If you want to know more here's my Blogger profile:
The Greenest Mermaid

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoy your stay!
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