Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Cool, Driver...Not Cool...

As I'm biking home today from a non-profit seminar, I almost get side-swiped by a crazy driver.

The signal was of a green arrow going straight and going to the right.  But, as I keep biking straight on, this driver proceeds to right hook me.  I felt his side view mirror graze my arm, and I was literally pushed to the side as he made his slow right turn.

I wasn't hurt.  My bike wasn't hurt.

I was in absolute disbelief.  Even as he proceeded to look back at me as he drove away.  Absolute disbelief.

So, I just biked home.  It was the only thing I could think of doing...rationally....

Of course, by the time I hit my block, I felt like I could have done so much more.  Instead of just yelling at the guy in his car, I should have followed him far enough to have gotten his license plate number.  I should have hopped off my bike and called the cops.  I should have gotten his ass fined for not sharing the godforsaken road.

In an area that has so many bicyclists, it was surprising that someone would do something like that.  In a time when more people are "going green" and using bikes, it was horrifying that that man would not hesitate in mowing down another bicyclist. 

I was shocked.  And angry.  I'm still shocked.  And angry.


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