Friday, November 27, 2009

Toesies of the Month - November 2009

I had been eyeing this salon for a while.  It's right down the street from where I work, and it's slightly closer to my house than Dana's Salon (exactly 0.6 miles closer, to be exact).  But reviews on were not very favorable.

In the name of research, I decided to go for it anyways.

Not bad.  I decided to go for a full session of spa pedicure, eyebrow wax, and Brazilian wax.  Personally, and I believe I've mentioned this before, I think the Vietnamese have the whole nail designs down.  But, I've usually gotten a Brazilian wax from someone who's Brazilian.  Weird, I know.  I guess it's a horrible over-generalization on my part....but, that's just how I've done it.

Let's start with first impressions:  definitely a multi-service business packed into a relatively small space.  There was a manicure section tucked behind the front counter, and the nail dryers were to the side of the front counter.  The spa pedicure chairs were behind another wall, giving a somewhat "spa" feeling that you're separated from the rest of the salon.  The spa chairs...well...there were 3 of them...but they were somewhat dirty.  I mean, there were some stains around the foot basin.  Well, I went for it anyway.

Here is one result of my research: 

Designed by Rose at Chez Bella Salon, Allston, MA
Color:  Avon Nail Wear Pro - Golden Twilight
Occasion:  Thanksgiving Break
November 2009

Umm...I don't really know what she was going for...maybe a pine cone or feathery something or other?  The color itself is pretty neat.  Brownish, purplish, with goldish sparklies.  Here's the detail:

Sparkle and Design Detail

But then I decided, with the holidays inching in closer, I would pamper myself a little more.  So, I asked Rose if they do Brazilian waxes.  They did, and she proceeded to quickly shuffle me into another room to do her thing.  I even got my eyebrows did, though they're slightly too thin for my taste.  The Brazilian wax was a quickie.  It felt a little rushed.  Well, the whole thing felt a little rushed, from my toes to the waxing - almost as if she had another client waiting for her at the sitting area.

Conversations during waxing are always entertaining.  Sometimes, it's talk about work and the holidays and how things are going.  But Rose was focusing on how happy my boyfriend would be.  Hahahahahahahah!!!  I had to chuckle just a bit.  I told her that my boyfriend doesn't really care, and that I do it for me mainly.  She almost didn't understand what I said, and was somewhat shocked to hear that I wasn't doing it to please a man.

But yes, a man isn't usually factored into me ripping hair off.  They can suck it for all I care when it comes to my self-care routine.  I mean, sure, the thought crosses my mind, and I'm mindful to ask about preference.  If my boyfriend doesn't like a new perfume, for example, then I would probably reconsider the perfume - but that probably means he likes the way I smell already!  If my boyfriend doesn't like a perfume that I was already wearing, well the relationship isn't going to last too long in the first place as the pheromones aren't matching.  Same with waxing and general hair removal.  I feel like, grooming is a courtesy - for all sexes!  But

So, anyways....Several days later, everything seemed in order.  Nothing was overly red or in pain, though I generally have a high threshold for pain what with 5 tattoos.

Needless to say, I'm willing to give the place another chance.  It's just so close to where I live and spend most of my time that it's worth it for a quickie wax.  I think I might ask to look at designs and pick one the next time.  But if I want quality and creativity in the design, I'll have to travel the extra 0.6 mile to Dana's.

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