Thursday, July 1, 2010

8Things - Simply Summer

Aahhhh, July.  July is here, y'all.  There's so much going on right now, and so many things left to do before I leave in a couple of days for Greece (*squeeeee!!!*).

But here are 8 things that I simply must do this summer aside from my trip.

1.  Watch Fireworks.

2.  Absorb some Vitamin D.

3.  Sing my heart out at karaoke.

4.  Listen to live music

5.  Watch a movie outdoors

6.  Be mesmerized by the bonfire at the Quarry Hill Party.

7.  Visit my best friend.

8.  Float in the ocean.


  1. wow, cecilia. this is my first day off work in a long time and i am relaxing at home, having a cup of coffee, and going through your blog. i am so surprised and impressed. your site is beautiful and loaded with great stuff. gorgeous!


  2. A pictoral list. Neato! Thanks for playing!!!


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