Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures Sundays - Temperature On Either Side

If you live in an area that has seasons, you will understand the pleasure of 50-60 degree weather.  Preferably, it's the higher 50's side of things.

Let's say it's been a hot and humid summer.  A fun summer, but hot and humid nonetheless.  You've basically worn out your favorite shorts or skirt, or even your skort.  But when the temperature starts to dip, the coolness of 50-something degree weather just feels refreshing.

Now, on the other side, it's been a long and very snowy winter.  So much snow that you want to take a blowtorch to any snow mounds that might still exists.  But when the temperature starts to rise and the sun is out reminding us of better times ahead, the 50-something degree weather is a warm blessing.

Interesting that the same temperature can feel so different depending on the time of the year.  Either way, it's lovely even if it sounds crazy to those who aren't in the know.

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