Friday, April 8, 2011

Toesies of the Month - April 2011

I am once again left with very little options.  I just found out that the one job that seemed like a complete shoe-in, considering that we had even mentioned salary, materialized into nothingness.

I found this out just as I was feeling extremely happy to hang out with a dear friend and get a pedicure.  I tried to hold it together at least until I was in her vicinity, but a couple of tears escaped as I sat on the bus.

But my friend helped me to feel a little bit better, though sometimes it's just so hard to get out of the depression spiral.

I needed a pedicure more than anything at that point. 
Designed by Nina, Dana's Nail Salon, Brighton, MA
Color: OPI - Not Like the Movies
Occasion: Self-care and Birthday
April 2011
The nail polish itself looks kind of like an oil slick, with pretty greens and purples and silvers.  But in the picture, it looks more silver-purplish.  I was also a bit disappointed to realize as I was Googling the nail polish that it's part of some Katy Perry collection.  Meh, is how I feel about Katy Perry.  But at least the color is nice.
OPI - Not Like the Movies
It was nice to get that bit of pampering in the massage chair. It's the little bit of self care that I allow myself.

But my friend challenged me to think of work in a different way.  I'm trying to look for something that feels like a good fit, but I should probably look for something that will help me save up instead.

She, who is also the one who challenged me to this pescatarian/vegan diet, is now challenging me to apply to 15 jobs every week.  That means 60 jobs in 4 weeks.  Because at the end of the day, it's an numbers game.

So, like the oil slick color on my toes, I'm going to try to let the disappointments slide off me and keep moving on until I have a job that will help me pay the bills...for now.

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  1. It is a numbers game indeed. I don't want to reveal how many jobs I applied to before I had an adjunct position with low pay.

    Good luck.


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