Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toesies of the Month - May 2011

I have to admit.  My toes for the month are pretty ghetto.

Don't get me wrong.  They're pretty.  But they're also kind of ghetto.

Of course, with the funds dwindling still, I decided it was high time that I did my own toes.  It isn't too bad, but of course I wanted to have something fun like the awesome designs that previous nail technicians have done.

But I don't have any of those skills.  So I had to get creative.

I remembered that I had a bunch of star stickers that I had bought randomly at Staples.  I thought, why the heck not?

Ready to see them?
Designed by yours truly, Brighton, MA
Color: Orly - Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
Occasion: Toes needed some lovin'
May 2011

*supah stah*
Well, the stars, being stickers, are relatively flat and my toe nails are not.  So, I had to to a little bit of pushing the little corners down.  Hopefully, they will survive my moving around throughout the day.

The color is a really pretty dark green with sparklies that I stumbled upon at CVS.  The bottle is tiny, and seemed to be the last of its kind.  It was like it was meant for me.

I have another job interview tomorrow (I know that I was super overwhelmed in my last post about jobs, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to continue interviewing), so I won't paint my fingers til Friday perhaps.  But I'm really liking this color.

Though, perhaps next time I will invest in little nail stickies.


  1. I'm still obsessed with that OPI shatter top coat. It comes in all kinds of colors now! Though I think black is still my favorite.

  2. I actually have yet to try that...hmm..I have a lot of nail polish hunting to do...


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