Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful 4 - Strength

I know that I'm not a fast runner.  I know that I'm not even an endurance runner.  I know that I'm not aspiring to be a runner.  But, man, I know that I will try my best and give it everything I've got.

Every time the bootcamp puts together a challenge, I try to make it just to show myself that I can do it.  I've finished last or second to last every time.  But I still show up.  One day, I won't be last or second to last, but maybe 4th last.

Trying to slim down is hard work.  But I can feel the strength in my body.

And if I'm strong physically, perhaps I can convince myself of my other strengths as well.  I am absolutely thankful for all the strengths that I possess within me, and all the strengths that I can find in others as well.
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