Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Dinner with Love

On April 23rd, I hosted a dinner at my house with many of my friends.

I ordered a ton of Filipino food from the only Filipino restaurant in the Boston area (JnJ Turo Turo), and an ube cake from a pastry chef friend.
Chicken Adobo and Lumpiang Shanghai
Turon, Lumpian Gulay, and Pancit
Cakes by Erma
mmm...ube cake...
Also, one of my friends baked me a cake with one of the best cake toppers I've ever had on any cake of mine EVER.
So cool!
close up of the awesomeness
It was great to know that so many people wanted to join me on my actual birthday that we wouldn't have fit in any restaurant. Or we would end up tearing a place down with our laughter.

I really think that I couldn't have had a better 30th birthday dinner.  I know so many amazing people who I know care about me, and it's always nice to be reminded of how lucky I am on my birthday.

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