Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toesies of the Month - May 2012

I'm clearly behind on my postings, because I've had my toes done all month, since the 5th.  It really feels like this May is just flying by.  I can't believe Memorial Day is almost here, honestly.

But, I'm looking forward to it.  It means my toes will get to see the sunshine a lot more!
Design by Betty at Nails 2000, Jamaica Plain, MA
Color:  Essie - Jag-u-are
Occasion:  Belly Dance Show
May 2012
Red toes AND red nails!!!  I definitely haven't done this before.  I've had red toes before, I believe.  But I've usually had French Tip fingers.

I'm a big fan on Essie colors now.  They seem to last the longest and manage to withstand a bit of chipping.  Usually, within a week, the nail polish on my fingers are already peeled, cracked, and just looking generally messed up.  But these lasted nearly two weeks before I had to take it off.  And really, I only took it off because I broke a nail. 

That's right, the nail polish lasted longer than my own natural nails did.

Also, I'm really becoming a huge fan of the Nails 2000 place near my house.  It's small, and it definitely reeks of acetone.  But, they're really nice and the designs have been awesome so far.

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