Friday, September 25, 2009

CSA Adventures: "Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now, Baby"

I've never made my own pizza before...though I've bought and eaten quite a lot of it.

With our CSA facing some opposition from some locals...oh, ya..can you believe that someone was AGAINST the farm sharing??  This older woman considered the farm share pick up as a safety hazzard and disturbance to the oh-so-darling neighborhood of Brookline.  Meanwhile, literally around the corner from where we pick up our veggies, all the college students have moved in, stirring up the vermin with all the trash they leave behind with all their moving.  But, ya....all these locals who walk/bike/scoot on down just to pick up their veggies...we're just plain old terrorists.

But, I digress.  Stillman's was lucky to have an ally with the owner of Clear Flour Bread, a fabulous bakery that borders the Allston/Brookline line.  The owner helped Stillman's fight back, AND he allowed the veggie truck and pick up to move to the back of the bakery.

Now, the boyfriend and I feel ever grateful to Clear Flour!  Last summer, they helped supply our sourdough for our kale salads.  This year, they saved our farm share.  They have some loyal customers in us now.

They have fabulous breads, muffins, and loafs.  But Bill and I were super excited about the fresh pizza dough!!

So excited, in fact, that our first attempt was spilling over with our excitement!

All prepped and ready for the oven!

On this lovely pizza, we put Parmesan, Cheddar, and Mozzarella cheeses, Trader Joe's Tomato Marinara Sauce, extra tomato slices, green peppers, fresh basil leaves, and keilbasa (which we bought on the way home at a Russian market in Allston).

500 Degrees and 8-12 minutes later...

Deliciousness...nom nom noms...

Though it was small in size since we used our smallest cookie sheet, just one slice was enough to fill us up!  We had enough for lunch and dinner on the next day! 

Some lessons learned from this first pizza:
1.  Don't get too excited....maybe 4 toppings at most next time.
2.  Take the casing off the keilbasa, because it's not very chewy...and slices don't need to be so thick.
3.  Small is good!  The boyfriend thought that maybe we should have gotten 2 doughs, but his belly knew better afterward.

Every weekend since we learned about the pizza dough, we've asked for another one.  Though our timing has been off and we're either too early or too late, we've made 2 pizza's now.  The 2nd pizza was topped with the 3 cheeses, green peppers, basil leaves, and keilbasa.  I thought that since it was less full, I could have 2 slices for dinner....oh man, I felt like I waddled into bed!  One slice next time...I promise....

See?  Pizza is educational.

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