Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toesies of the Month - September 2009

I went dark.

Super deep dark blue...Navy blue...

Designed by Nina at Dana's Nail Salon, Brighton, MA
Color:  OPI - Russian Navy
Occasion:  Stress relief before Interns Arrival
September 2009

It was high time for a pedicure, folks.

But, I was really stressing with all the Mercury in Retrograde and all.
So, I quickly ate lunch one Wednesday, and biked over to Dana's Nail Salon.

I'm pretty sure all the nail technicians know me because I usually get green toes.  I'm pretty sure because they all go buzzing around when I walk in, and once I'm pretty sure one of them said, "green" amidst all the Vietnamese.  Even if I'm the one they're talking about, I LOVE that the Vietnamese nail community is all about talking about their customers in their native language!  I mean, I'm sure one of these days, they'll say something wrong about someone who understands them....but I think it's quite awesome.

During this trip, I learned that Nina and her two sisters also work in Dana's, and I've featured Bebe's work before.  I also very much enjoy the "family" atmosphere in most nail salons.  It's even better when some of the people are related!  Being Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander, I have a small understanding of how the concept of "family" might work in the nail salons - from who you hire to how they're treated.  In some way, it makes me feel much more comfortable in that environment.

It's always fascinating what on TV at the Salon.  It was around 1:30-2:00pm.  Apparently, "The Doctors" has replaced the worst/best soap opera on TV (Passions), and now there's all this wisdom from medical doctors that's being shared with early-afternoon television viewers.  I won't go into details, but The Doctors were sharing their thoughts on health and beauty related products, such as exercise equipment and a product to give you thicker lips.

My personal favorite part of watching TV was when one of the nail technicians kept saying, "Yeah, right!!!"  That was definitely the highlight of this pedicure.

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