Monday, July 18, 2011

Toesies of the Month - July 2011

Though I've gone from 3 jobs to 2 jobs, I still seem to be fairly busy.  Any little chance I get to be lazy or to take care of myself, I definitely try to take advantage of it.

I knew the upcoming weeks were going to get pretty busy, so when I had the chance to be near a nail salon I hopped right to it.  After meeting a friend for a late lunch, I walked down to Newbury Street and hit up the first nail place I came across.  That salon happened to be Town's Nail and Skin Salon, which is located on a lower level section next to Trident Bookstore.

While it wasn't the cleanest of salons, I was pretty impressed by their service and their prices.  A pedicure with a design was only $30!  And the girl who did designs had her own tools and little bag of colors.  She also did a pretty awesome job.  But it was really quite an upgrade from when I thought using a sticker would work.
Nail Technician - Kim
Nail Design - Amy
Town's Nail & Skin Salon, Boston, MA
Color:  OPI - Hungary for My Honey
Occasion: Celebrating the season of my natural color
July 2011
I originally thought I was going to go for another tealy-turquoisey blue.  But, some of the orangey-coppery stuff was catching my eye.  I figured I needed to embrace some of the Leo aspect since we're coming up on that Astrological sign.  I need to be a little bit fiery and energetic these days.
waiting for the B

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