Monday, September 5, 2011

And Just Like That...I Am Employed!

Within the last week, I am happy to report that I was asked to join the after school program as a regular staff (20 hours a week), as well as being offered to supervise a first year MSW Intern (2 hours), as well as being offered to join Planned Parenthood as a sex educator (20 hours)!!!

I can't believe how all of this has suddenly presented itself in only the past month, though I've been waiting for these types of opportunities for over a year.

I literally had to cover my mouth to stop myself from yelling out loud on the phone, but I immediately started dancing around and shouting when I hung up.  The kitties came out from wherever they were napping with confused stares.

But I'm so extremely excited!

Things go into full swing on the 12th, so I imagine a bit of adjustment is going to need to happen for me.  But if I can push through a month of working almost every day of the week (June 2011), then I know I can push through this.  Especially since they will be things that I really want to do.

There's a part of me that is aware of how my point of view has shifted in the past year.  There's been a lot of disappointment and a lot of difficulties.  It's hard for me to go into anything fully without being a bit more cautious.

I don't know if it's that I've lost my sense of adventure and spontaneity, or if I'm just being cautiously optimistic.  Maybe a little of both?

Remember when I had to do the 15 Jobs a Week Challenge?  I think that though I ended up getting hired to do 1. a job I was already doing and 2. a job that showed up long after this challenge, the challenge helped to really get me practice in writing a cover letter and doing interviews.  But ultimately, I learned that while I was capable and experienced enough to do many of those jobs, I just didn't fit them and it wouldn't have been a good fit for me.

Now I've found some jobs that I do enjoy, even though it will take some time for me to adjust to it all.


  1. Congratulations! I'd really like to get a job of radio DJ.

  2. Thank you!!! You can totally do it! Research all the things you need to learn and do to become one, tell everyone you know about your dream, find out if there are groups you can connect with who know about that kind of stuff, and don't give up and keep talking about it! :) Someone down the line will have something brilliant for you!


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