Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Toesies of the Month: September 2011

The end of last week was full of Fall weather, some more wet and rainy than cool and sunny.  Sadly, there were times when my poor toes had to take shelter in closed-toe shoes.

But when the sun came out again, it brought to light how much I needed another pedicure.

This past week has focused a lot around starting my new jobs.  It just felt appropriate to also have a new pedicure.

I ended up going back to City Nails & Spa, since I was in the area for physical therapy and then had to get to the after school right after.  Unfortunately, my timing was a bit off and I was totally late for work.  Not the best way to start a new job.  But I wasn't going to sacrifice my self-care for it.  I think it will help me set the stage for how I want the rest of the year to go.
Designed by Julie at City Nails & Spa, South End of Boston, MA
Color: Sephora by OPI - Leaf Him At The Altar
Occasion: MassRaqs and Welcoming Fall Weather and Colors
September 2011
Originally, I had wanted to get this color on me on September 1st.  It was almost as if the change in months brought on the change in the air - it definitely felt like Fall had arrived on the 1st.  Though, there are still warm and humid days here and there, we also had Tropical Storm Irene reign down on us.

And now, the sun has started setting before 7pm.

But you better believe I'm going to milk letting my toes see the sun for as long as possible.

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