Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fitting Into My Schedule

Remember when I was unemployed, but I still managed to fill my schedule with all kinds of things?  Well, now that I have been training for my sex ed job while also going to my after school job, I feel like it's been nonstop for me.

But mainly, it's been nonstop adjusting, maneuvering, scheduling, and moving.

I feel like for my own sanity I need to break it down for you (really, for myself....but being that this is my blog, this is how I'm going to do it).

Here is a list of things that I am currently or soon to be involved in:
Butt-crack-of-dawn Bootcamp - 3x a week
Sex ed job - still training, but soon to be what takes up my weekday mornings
After school job - weekday afternoons (duh)
Supervision of a Social Work Intern - 2 hours a week starting in October
Night job - put it on hiatus for a couple of months, but I'm ready to be back in it
Dance classes - 1 on Tuesdays (weekly), 1 on Wednesdays (October and December, with a recital in January), 1 on Saturdays (6 sessions every other week)
Raks Nativity Show - several practices with a show in December
Speaker's Bureau - occasional speaking engagements and monthly meetings (will try to attend most of the meetings because I like connecting with these girls)

I think that's it. 

It's definitely a style that I'm used to when I was working full time.  Though I do think that the year of unemployment made me less used to being crazy busy.

I'm pretty sure that I'm lacking a lot of sleep (says the lady who's blogging at midnight) and that it's messing with my better judgement.  In fact, I happened to be staring at the linoleum in a restroom this morning, and I swear the floor pattern started moving.
tripping out...need sleep...
Obviously this isn't to say that I don't absolutely appreciate being busy.  I still thoroughly enjoy all the things I'm involved in, and I don't ever want to be unemployed ever ever ever again.  I missed looking forward to the weekend, and now I'm happy that I can still sleep in and choose to lounge about all day when Saturday arrives.

I know I have to do better about self-care.  I need to decide who will be on my team during really intense days, and I need to come up with a system or some rituals for keeping myself sane.  While dance helps, I know I need something more.

I just want to put this message out there to the scheduling gods:
While I'm in the adjustment period, I'm also requesting a lot of flexibility from each of those components listed.  I'm feeling like I'm committed to this schedule for at least a year, so all these things I'm involved in and all the people I'm working with just need to understand that I'm just trying to make everything work. So sometimes I'm late, and sometimes I forget things.  But I promise that I'm not doing those things on purpose.  I'm a hard worker, extremely loyal and committed, and I don't quit even when I should.  Please be relatively kind to me.

Oh, and can you make the floor stop moving on its own?

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