Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brain Wrinkles - Meese and Beavers

I love geeking out on science stuff.  Though I know it's not necessarily true, for a while I believed that you gain a new wrinkle whenever you learned something knew.  So, every once in a while when there's nothing on TV, I like to see what's on the Science Channel or Discovery Channel or National Geographic.

On weekends, there's usually stuff about the universe - stars, planets, dark matter.  I love all of it!

It's neat to learn about things that I don't deal with every day.  I think it helps ground me, if that makes any sense.  It's humbling.  Thought I don't claim to be anything other than what I am, it's nice to be reminded of who I am and what my place is in this world.

<-----My Brain Wrinklies

On one recent weekday evening, there was nothing on once again.  Luckily, the Discovery Channel Networks are On Demand.  My mind gets blown by all the wonderous facts about nature and the universe, and I feel this need to share this new found information with others.  Unfortunately, my boyfriend is often watching the same thing as I am, so it would be ridiculous to share my new found brain wrinklies with him.

So, I figured this is the best place for me to share my little brain wrinklies.

As a city girl, I don't claim to be anything more than that.  I don't really come into contact with meese or beavers.  What I know of them, I've seen in movies.  Even then, the only ones I can think of are from Disney cartoons.

Things I learned from watching an episode about Moose on National Geographic On Demand:
  • Meese (My plural for moose) have fuzzy antlers at first! They start scraping it off, and soon it's nothing but the bone part.
  • Urine Pits = Pheromone-y goodness, created by males...then wallowed in by females....ew..
  • They can grow up to 17 feet high!  Not counting possibly 6 feet of antlers!
  • They're part of the deer family.

Things I learned from watching an episode about Beavers on National Geographic On Demand:
  • Young beavers (kits) coo like human babies!
  • Beaver teeth don't stop growing...if they didn't chew stuff down every day, their teeth would be bigger than their head!
  • Beaver love is mainly due to convenience, but they can mate for life.
  • Their hind legs are webbed!
  • If you haven't ever seen a picture of a beaver walking on it's hind legs while holding thing with it's should find a video of it, because it's adorable!!!
  • Beavers have a gland near their tail that secretes a type of oil that they groom themselves with to keep them from getting too cold.

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