Saturday, October 31, 2009

Toesies of the Month - October 2009

So...I'm  late....

and I didn't ask the ladies what their names were.....

but here they are...

 Nail Technician Unknown, Julie's Nail Salon, Brookline, MA
Color:  OPI - Let's Go for the Gold
Occasion:  Halloween
October 2009

I don't really have any good reason for forgetting to ask their names.  It's been a stressful month, and I haven't really had the time or money to get my nails did.  So, when I settled into the spa chair, I nearly forgot that I had to quickly do some more running around for the Dark Reverie Masquerade as soon as I was certain my nails were dry enough to survive being put in shoes again.

If I had my act together this time around, I would have taken a picture of the photographs that were hanging on the walls.  I wish I could find it online somewhere.  I will keep trying, and when I find it I will so post it on here.

So, if you've ever had your nails done and you've taken a look around the shop, you might notice these super 70's or 80's looking pictures of model's hands.  More likely than not, the nails have some acrylics on.  And in almost all of them, they're holding something.  Usually something somewhat random.  I've seen these hands daintily on a table.  They've held grapes.  They've held car keys.  I've even seen them right next to a picture of Jesus.

But at this particular nail salon, there was a picture of these hands holding a small bicycle.  The bicycle wasn't necessarily tiny, as the wheels were large enough to be held in each hand.  But, I just didn't understand the reasoning behind the picture.  I mean, grapes, car keys...those make sense.  They are often things that are held.

But a small bicycle?  It's like someone created this prop JUST for this particular poster.

Truly random.

As I previously mentioned, it's been a rough October.  Funds were super tight, and I had just been working really hard on getting the Dark Reverie Masquerade off the ground.  In an effort to make my life easier, I decided to be a vampire for Halloween as I could reuse bits of clothing I already owned.  In the end, I had too much trouble with the teeth, so I decided on "Vampire in the Making."

In essence, my costume had a lot of red, black, and gold.  I'm not usually one for red toes, and I wanted something that would last me another month.  Gold seemed like the next best thing.  At first, I was unsure if it would look horrible with my skin tone.  Yellow can make people with my skin color look sickly, so one has to be careful when choosing appropriate nail colors.

In the end, I think it looks great!  The color I chose happens to make me look slightly more tan, and that's a great thing what with the Daylight Savings Time upon us.

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