Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gettin' Back on the Heatlhy Wagon

Here's my #3 Goal for 2010:
3. Focus more on being healthy and eating smaller portions rather than the number on the scale.

This road has been a rough one.  I feel like I've spent my whole adult life working on it, and I'm still in the midst of it.

Hi.  My name is Cecilia.  I'm an emotional eater.
Butternut squash...nom nom nom...

With all that's been happening this month thus far, it's been really tough to not snack on EVERYTHING.  But, as I mentioned in an earlier post about my Goal #5, this is the year I'm going to do it.

The truth is 2009 was a great year for my weight loss.  I met a lot of inspiring people, I got really motivated and utilized my Netflix membership to save money, and I ate a lot of really healthy food that the boyfriend and I cooked ourselves.

I've totally slacked on this.  Obviously, the holidays have a way of messing with everyone's weight loss goals, so I'm trying not to be too harsh.  But I know I need to get re-motivated.

I'm going to start by re-naming my "weight loss goals" to "healthy lifestyle goals."  I have a lot of bad habits, the biggest of which is not taking care of myself when things get really stressful.

As I mentioned before, I've already signed up for yoga and pilates classes at a local studio.  I'm also taking belly dance classes 2x a week from 2 different teachers.  All of this is mainly for my mental health.  But the sweating ain't so bad either.

I will probably start up again with Jillian Michaels' DVD's.  She's super intense, but I love her workouts!  Even the 30-Day Shreds (which I stretch out to more than 30 days) are ridiculously intense for about 30 minutes a workout.

When it comes to food, well, we have a complicated relationship.  Strangely, when I was living by myself, I had an easier time staying away from a lot of snacks and so I wouldn't randomly eat stuff even when I wasn't hungry.

One thing I truly miss is our CSA membership.  It was really easy to focus on eating healthier when we needed to pick up fruits and vegetables every week.  But that's not a good excuse.  The boyfriend and I have both lacked a lot of veggie intake since the CSA ended, and we should have continued buying them in the grocery store.

Luckily (or unluckily, depending on the outcome), the yoga studio is housed in the same building as a super market.  So, I can really commit to going straight to the fruit and veggie section.  At least, until the CSA pick-ups start up again in June.

Alrighty.  Did you get all that?  Let's review shall we?

1.  Workout schedule:  Monday and Tuesday is for belly dance.  Wednesday and Thursday is for yoga and a pilates/yoga combo.  Friday with a rest day or a 30-Day Shred workout (I have to give myself some's been a rough month, remember?), but will start committing to a 30-Day Shred workout more often than not.  Saturday is pilates.  Sunday is rest (but if I'm feeling highly motivated, I will do some belly dance practice).

2.  Buy veggies after my pilates class on Saturday - at least enough for the rest of the week.  I will start planning ahead with the boyfriend to make sure we don't over do it or waste a lot of food.  I will also start really paying attention to my moods and my hunger response.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?  So, there you go.
Starting anew...


  1. I hope it works out for you. As you know, I'm also aspiring toward losing weight and getting healthy. I'm so jealous of the classes you're taking! Belly dancing, pilates and yoga are on my to do list (but I can't afford them right now). I am curious as to what "CSA" stands for?

  2. Hey Arnetta!
    You're much more intense than me when it comes to this diet! Master cleanse is too scary for me :)

    CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. You buy a "share" of a farm, and you get veggies and fruits from them weekly or monthly, depending on the farm. Fresh, organic, local produce :) Much cheaper and more nutritional since it's exactly what's in season. I have a lot of posts about it during the Summer 2009.


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