Friday, February 5, 2010

Toesies of the Month - February 2010

So, this is what I was doing when I received my mom's text message about my Lola.

I had a big work event to not-stress about, and one of our previous interns suggested that we hit up the nail salon.

We were chit-chatting about what was going on at the organization and in our lives.  I started telling her all the things I'd been saying about anticipating my grandmother's death.

Suddenly, I realized that I hadn't checked a text message that I noticed when we walked into the nail salon.  So, out came my phone, and there it was.

"Lola is gone"

Such finality.

My friend was very understanding of my need to call my family.  Seriously though, what better person to be around than another social worker!

Honestly, though, I felt awkward.  I was very conscious of the need I felt to make sure the rest of the family was okay.  I also didn't want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable by such a sad situation.

And, you know...I'm usually really good about this....I promise...I forgot to ask one other time only!  But, I totally didn't ask for the nail technicians name.  I feel really bad that I forgot to do so.  Though, I know my mind was elsewhere at that moment.

As the nail technician was painting her chosen design, I was speaking with my mom.  So, it wasn't until after I hung up that I was really able to look at it.
Designed by Unknown Nail Technician, Dana's Nail Salon, Brighton, MA
Color: OPI-Yoga-ta Get this Blue (bottom), SEPHORA by OPI-Too Good for Him (sparklies)
Occasion:  De-stress and Valentine's Prep
February 2010

"Ooh! It looks like fireworks!" I exclaimed when I finally saw what she did.  It felt like my toes and the polish were trying to uplift me, in a way.  At such a difficult time, it was hard for me not to smile at the cheery design.
Cold fire close-up

Upon further staring, the design is almost campfire-like.  Interestingly, the event I was not-stressing about was a Camp Fair.  

But it makes me think of light in the dark.  Hope.  A spark.  Starting new.  Transitions.

It almost makes me wonder if the images I interpret from the designs are dependent on what's going on in my life.  What a neat way to free-associate.  What a neat distraction from the more difficult things.


  1. It is a beautiful way to free associate. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I felt an urgent need to make a silk/felt scarf for my husands grandma last night. I've only met her once but it seemed important. So i made a lue scarf. Now to get it posted.

    You take care of yourself xJ

  2. Jasmine! Thanks for your kind thoughts :)
    The scarves you make are amazing!! I've only recently learned how felt was made, and it blows my mind!! I like the idea that warm water and agitation makes something so soft and cozy...perhaps like life, eh? :)


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