Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today, I kissed the boyfriend goodbye as he left for his first class in grad school.

It's been...well, quite a journey up to this point.

All of 2010 was spent with us both being unemployed, but I was still "working" and pushing through a lot of the difficult stuff.  He took it as an extended vacation.

Come April and May, we were both sick of each other.  Living in a cluttered, tiny apartment together puts a lot of stress on the both of us.

These are times when you start really asking a lot of questions.  But, instead of keeping them internally, I wanted to keep communication lines open.  I asked him what he wanted to do with his life.  All the free time couldn't be just an extended vacation.  We both need money to keep living in Boston.  And truth be told, I don't know if I could keep living my life with someone who didn't have any dreams left.

After a lot of asking and a lot of frustration, he realized that he wanted to go to grad school and study library sciences.

He took the GRE's, and kicked its butt!  Then he applied to grad school, and we waited patiently for the acceptance letter.

Finally, January arrived.  For some reason, though, he kept thinking that it started much earlier than it did.  First he thought the first day was the 6th.  Then he learned it was the 19th.  Then he realized that it was a misprint, and it actually started on the 26th.

It kept feeling like there was a constant obstacle that kept popping up.  It was disappointing.

But finally this week arrived.

Yesterday, we took a walk around the neighborhood and did some Back To School Shopping.  We stopped by Staples and got him his very own notebook and pack of pens.  Then we walked over to a small hair salon and got his hair cut.

But I decided, you know, I should get my hair cut as well - considering the last time I got a hair cut was back in February.
First Haircut of 2011 - 3 inches lighter
So, I am extremely excited that he's off in his class.  Just thinking back to my first couple of weeks in classes, and how many friends I've made, I can't wait to hear all about his experience and I hope that he makes new friends.

I'm also hoping that I can convince the boyfriend to dress up as a "Sexy Librarian" for Halloween!

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