Friday, January 28, 2011

Searching For a Starting Point

So, I haven't really talked about this too much in this blog.  But all this time being unemployed has given me time to work on my own dreams.

However, I'm running into a major road block:  my dream isn't specific enough.

Here's the gist.  I've always wanted to open my own nonprofit.  The idea has changed throughout the years, though.  Originally, I wanted something focused on child abuse prevention.  Then I started thinking about music and arts programs.  Then I started thinking about sex education.  Then it turned into a studio for dance and creative expression focused on self care.

Now, I feel like it would be neat to have a center for dance, yoga, massage, body work, and sexual health information.

I feel like it would be wonderful to have a space where people can explore creativity and self care while learning more about pleasure in all its forms.

But I have so many doubts that come to mind as I sit around working on a business plan.  I'm no dance teacher or yogini.  I feel like I don't have any specific expertise that would give me much credibility for opening anything up.  I feel like if I were to open up a studio, I would need to go out there and do the work of teaching and getting my name out there.

I know I can't do it on my own.

One of the big questions that's weighing on me is, "What do I have to bring to anything?"  I have some sex ed background, but not enough that I can open up my own agency.  I've taken dance classes for about 9 years, but I'm not a teacher.

I've had to think a lot about trying to start small.  But I don't know really what that looks like.

I've gathered a small group of people to help me organize my thoughts.  But we need to produce something, which would help us start getting our name out there.

I'm wanting to organize an event that would showcase a variety of performers who are just getting their art or their name out to the public.  The hope is that these folks get to explore their art and share it with others.  At the same time, the event would have some information about a sexual health issue.

But maybe I need to think smaller?

Maybe I need to stop doubting myself first?


  1. count me in! i'll help however i can, if that's volunteering hours or colorcoding your spreadsheets and making art-of-the-month for your bulletin board. WOMB!

  2. I'd love to help as well -- and I say dream BIG! ;)

  3. I don't think your event is too big. I think it's fine to dream big but simultaneously be pragmatic. Your overall dream is something you can control and do someday.

    What bring to the table? The idea, enthusiasm, and hopefully good business/organizational skills. You probably have enough experience to identify those who would be good at teaching dance, sex ed, etc. That is just as important, IMO, as someone who can do all of that well.

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    I've done some more sitting and thinking and looking at different things. I do want to follow through with an event - a relatively small and relaxed event that can raise some funds for the Athena's Cup.

    I'm also thinking (especially after some of the info gathering you and I did Aleksie), that perhaps there isn't a comprehensive database of studios, dancers, venues. But maybe creating some sort of resource guide or something?


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