Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - 7 Wants

7 wants:

1. Teleportation Device or Machine or Powers
I'm still holding out hope

2.  My Own Home (complete with a pool/lagoon)
The waterfall obviously didn't fit in the picture...

3.  The Entire Disney and Pixar Movie Collection
this is in no way a complete list

4. My Ideal Weight (which I'm working towards)
slow and steady to slimmer

5.  My Own Nonprofit (saving the world one step at a time)

6. Greenish Bluish Mermaid Hair Tips (but with more green and not on that much hair)
From http://flippinyourfins.tumblr.com

7.  A Mermaid Tail (obviously)
From the 1st Annual Mermaid Convention

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