Saturday, June 6, 2009

Like a punch in the face...

**UPDATE June 6, 2009**

Went to the cute dentist, where there were a lot of young, skinny girls in the office. At first, I thought, "Wow...the Brookline (the richer neighborhood) Gentle Dental is really different from the Brighton (defnitely not rich..but not poor either) office." As I was waiting for the Doc to step into my office, and my teeth started throbbing more from having x-rays done, I couldn't help but notice all the tall, skinny girls that seemed to be having a grand ol' time...Then, the Dr. stepped into my room. "Ooohhhhhh....that's what's up," I thought. I had to laugh about it...but anyways, back to the agonizing pain.

I had already started crying when Gretchen, the Peer Mediator at BHS, asked me how I was feeling. I was tearful in the office...but I tried to stay positive, if only for my sanity.

I explained to the cute Dr. what the situation was. He tested several things. And then there was the diagnosis. It's quite possible that the back top right tooth (Number 2, I believe he called it), which had a filling, was the one causing the problems. It seems like one of the nerves are dying, and when that happens, a Root Canal needs to happen. So, I made an appointment with a specialist in the area for Friday, June 12th (which, unfortunately, is also the same day as the Pink Martini concert!).

Meanwhile, I've got a prescription for 800mg's of Ibuprofin and Hydrocodone - that's right, folks! Vicodin! It helped me sleep last night, and the 800mg's of Ibuprofin are helping during the day.

I've seen how miserable a root canal can make someone. I'm really nervous that this leotarded tooth will prevent me from doing all the things I planned to do that weekend.

But, I hope they give me more drugs after the procedure.

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