Monday, June 15, 2009

Pink Martini at the Boston Opera House

Pink Martini at the Boston Opera House was amazing!!!

Last year, when Bill and I saw them, they didn't have an opening band, and played for about 2 hours! This year, they had this cute little band called Sneaking Out that featured an electric ukulele, an acoustic electric bass, and an amazing percussionist sporting a mohawk, a tie-dye shirt, and a pink tu tu.

Thomas Lauderdale and China Forbes noted all these different movie references that correspond with some of Pink Martini's songs. So, Bill and I have some movies to check out :)

Here's what they mentioned with the corresponding songs in parenthesis:

Anna (1951) - Italian film about a nun and her secret past life as a prostitute. ("Anna (El negro zumbon)"
Gilda (1946) - Starring Rita Hayworth as a new wife of a mob boss, but her past catches up to her. ("Amado Mio")
Bolero (1984) - Starring Bo Derek..but featuring a disco version of Ravel's "Bolero" ("Bolero)

And then...they talked about their upcoming albums...and even though I was exhausted from my root canal part 1, I couldn't help but be excited!

Like this song, which Tom proceeded to dance:

As well as "Sing," which was originally a song meant for Sesame Street, but didn't become famous until The Carpenters! So, sing along now!

So, here are the pictures from the concert:

Apparently, China Forbes just had a baby! She still looked gorgeous!

Sneaking Out playing "Brazil" with Pink Martini

In line, waiting to get our LP signed, one of the fans tells Thomas Lauderdale that she can teach him the Tuca Tuca dance.

Yay! Got it signed by the entire band!


  1. AWWWWW!!! that is soooooo exciting CECI!!!
    that is soooooo FUN!!!!!!
    what did you wear?~
    !!!!! what a great way to end the day after a tramautic experience at the dentist!!!

    Pink Martini is soo FUN!!!!!!!!


  2. I work a cute dress :) Bill wore a funky 70's-ish type shirt..haha it was cute...

    speaking of wearing things..did you see my other blog?? I posted pictures of part of my mermaid parade costume :)


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