Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Letter to My 90 Year Old Grandmother

Dear Lola,

Your tribe loves you.

While I will miss you and your crazy antics, I think it's okay to let go and say goodbye.  It's okay.  The other side will be much warmer than this cold world, and you won't need your red blanket anymore.  You can have as much sugar or ice cream on your rice as you want.

Thank you for birthing your 12 babies.  Thank you for being a prime example of a strong powerful woman.  Thank you for all the rice & egg.  Thank you for the champurado on the weekends.  Thank you for all your hilarious moments.  Thank you for building an empire that is the Rodriguez Family.

Even when you pass, you will always be with us.

I love you, Lola.

Love, Cecile

Lola Representin'

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