Monday, March 1, 2010

Dog-lover Transitioning

Let's revisit another of my 2010 Goals and how well I'm doing so far.

2. Adopt 2 kitties with my boyfriend.

Well, we had put it off for a while.  What with the job situation for the both of us and house and dog sitting in Los Angeles for nearly 2 weeks, we felt we had to put it off. 

While we were in L.A, a friend of ours lets us know that her and her husband have taken in a stray kitty that was coming up to their porch.  Seeing that they already had 2 cats and 4 ferrets, they didn't think it would be wise for them to keep another kitty.  They knew that we were talking about adopting, so they asked if we would want to take this kitty.

I told them that I would leave that up to the boyfriend.  I, a dog-lover by nature, had very limited interactions with cats.  My family is much more dog-oriented, and the cats in our neighborhood were either all perched across on the porch across the street from my family's house or screech-moaning loudly in the middle of the night.

One thing I did know about cats was that they loved to sleep ON me.  Every time I would sleep over anyone's house that had kitties, I'd wake up to them nesting on my legs.  I always felt very constrained and trapped by that, mainly because I didn't want to startle them into clawing my thighs.

So, after being in the warm L.A. weather and bonding with the doggies, my boyfriend decided that we were ready for a kitty.

Did I mention the mice problem in our apartment?

Well, our apartment is old, perhaps built in the 1910's or 20's.  We have one of those elevators that have 2 doors to open, one being an accordion-type door.  It's old.  The wiring is old.  The walls and piping are old.  We also live in a neighborhood of Boston that has a lively vermin culture (for various reasons I suppose...but I like to blame the dirty college students...).  In fact, there's a bar/restaurant at the corner of our street, and our window overlooks it's roof.

We needed a kitty.  Badly.

Well, on the last day of February, the boyfriend and I welcomed this little one into our home.
Brawny Kitty!

We were nervous that she would take a while to get comfortable.  Coming from a place where she was not the "boss," we thought she might need to do a lot of adjusting.  But she was so chill!  
sniff sniff

At first, she did some sniffing and exploring.  We went to Target in the morning, so we were prepared with a pet carrier, litter box, food, catnip, laser pointer toy, and a little bed for her to get comfy on in the living room.

But she settled right in.  Our awesome friends did a great job in taking care of her.  They had taken her to get spayed the Friday before, so now we have to find her a local veterinarian and keep up on her check-ups.  The doctor said that she might be close to a year old, but we were lucky that our friends found her before she was knocked up.

It was surprising to the both of us that she was so comfortable from the get go!  She's still doing a lot of exploring, and she's possibly found the corner where the mice come through.  But if we're in the other room, she wants to be there with us.  She's already following us around the apartment, and she was very happy snuggling in bed with us.

Oh, yes...her name.

Well, the boyfriend let me name her.  Everybody, meet Yoni.

So, while the goal was to adopt 2 kitties, the year is young.  Right now, we are so very happy with Yoni.  I feel like having her in our lives is just what we needed.  January and February were rough, as you all know. Strangely, I kept feeling like I needed to change the calendar to March a week before March was even here!

For us, Yoni really is the divine transition into a new part of our year and our lives.


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