Sunday, December 27, 2009

Travels: West Coast Christmas 2009

Just thought I would log the travels thus far for this bloggie.

December 23rd Departure
Though we were slightly delayed in our travels, we were very happy to leave this:

Stop-over in Denver...completely re-routed!

We had a lot of open space on the flight, however.  The boyfriend and I got an isle all to ourselves for the entire flight, and slept most of the way.  But I got some really neat views of clouds and icy terrain.

Cloud landscape

Icy landscape

Overall, we were very impressed by the way Southwest handled the weather problems.  The staff were fabulous, even if they weren't scheduled to be there!  Our bags made it to LA safe and sound.  Yay, Southwest!


The majority of my vacation pictures will be of doggies.  I miss being around them so much, and I will just have to keep waiting since they aren't allowed in our apartment.

But at least there's these cuties in L.A.

My Tita Agnes' Menagerie

Sitka - Tita Ame's Big Baby

Garrison and Charlie - My parents' really hairy child and my sister's new love

Christmas Eve
We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.  Food is abundant.  Family is present.  Presents are distributed at midnight.

Family and Filipino Food - what more could I ask for?

Up Next on the Itinerary:  Coastal Driving and Wining


  1. Welcome to SITS! Your blog layout is beautiful!

  2. Those dogs are adorable!!! And that picture of the food looks like something out of House and Garden. Glad you are enjoying your holiday!

  3. LOL - oops, I mean "Better Homes and Gardens"

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. @Jayde: Thanks! I'm glad you like the look of my blog! I feel like I'm constantly trying to make it user feedback is great!

    @Arnetta: The doggies are also hilarious! In my upcoming post, you'll see some video proof :) Thanks for the compliment, too! I'm gonna share that with my architect parents :) They'll be very happy to hear that!


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