Saturday, March 6, 2010

Final One World One Heart 2010 Action

With February being what it was, I was pretty busy til the very end and then some.

But I had the chance to work through several emails with the winner of my One World One Heart giveaway on what she wanted.

Though she had already chosen a shirt color in her comments for the giveaway, I emailed her a picture of all the fabric paints I had.  It was fun to see them all bunched together when they're usually in an art box.  Though I have much more than those pictured below, I chose colors that would match with the shirt.
She settled on color #10, the Halo Blue Gold, which would come out a more shimmery green.  I explained to her that there would be some flex on where she wanted to place the image.  But we settled on keeping it where it was in my picture.

Though I had done a little bit of designing on shirts, I used to use regular paper stencils that I would cut out.  Since I was proposing that my friends and I make multiple shirts for the BARCC Walk, I knew I needed to use something more "professional."  But this was my first time ever using silk screens, so I didn't realize you needed to wash the screen every time you put paint on it.  Thus, I ended up with 2 screens.
2 screens, 1 shirt, 1 color
Finally, though, I was able to do the work, and on March 3rd, I sent it on it's merry way.  What I neglected to ask in all the preparations until the every end was where the shirt was going.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was going to Malaysia!!!

How cool is that???  I'm excited to know that this shirt is making its way across the world as we speak/type.
Ta da!
During our conversations, the winner of this shirt asked me why I didn't have an Etsy shop.  You know, I thought about that.  I've been told that I could sell several things, first my signature seashell necklaces and now my shirts.
She sells sea shells?
I guess I feel like I have to have all the necessary supplies on hand to be able to run a store.  Plus, I need to learn how to drill holes into shells.  The 2 necklaces above were already pre-drilled, so those have been easy.

Well, I don't need to make any decisions now.  In the meantime, I silk screened something for myself.
American Apparel Circle Scarf with Mermaid Tail

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  1. I agree, you should totally start an Etsy shop!


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