Friday, May 14, 2010

Toesies of the Month - May 2010


Here I am again!  Unfortunately, my computer is still with the dudes who are fixing it, so I'm still on my boyfriend's computer.

Meanwhile, it's been a really busy 2 weeks!

Today was the last day for our social work interns.  I feel absolutely blessed to have had such an amazing team of women who I can now consider colleagues.  They really helped us laugh through all the difficult times that my boss and I were facing this year.

And that brings me to the topic of self care, folks.  And that brings me to my monthly pedicures.

I actually had to get one on May 1st, since I had a belly dance recital on May 2nd.  My belly dance teacher brings up the idea that even if we're not professional dancers, we still need to look the part - and that includes being completely put together, head to toesies.

After pilates, I biked on over to Brookline Natural Nails, where I got my last pedicure 2 weeks prior.  I thought about trying another nail spa across the street, but figured that I would go to this place one more time.
I'm sure I talked about this last month, but I just want to stress how amazing their chairs are!
Spa chair goodness
Firstly, I swear to you that I really thought the cursive written on the chair said, "BJ."  Considering that I've had my mind in the gutter recently ('s always in the gutter....but you know...), it wasn't surprising that I was completely wrong about what it said.  The print is small in the image, but if you click on it you will see that it's actually "BT," which stands for "Body Technology."

But for serious, the chairs are pretty flippin' awesome.  Even the part where it feels like it's just trying to make your boobs shake back and forth - a part I'm not generally a fan of.  I really felt a nap coming on as I was sitting in that chair.

I managed to get the same woman who did my pedicure in April.  I realized that she definitely likes the flowery designs.  Don't get me wrong, it's appropriate and all for Spring and what not.  But, c'mon.  How about some flowy lines or stars or a butterfly even?
Designed by Annie at Brookline Natural Nail, Brookline, MA
Color:  OPI - Merry Midnight
Occasion:  Belly dance recital
May 2010
Still, it came out really nice, even if it looks somewhat like she was trying to do an entire landscape - which would really be quite impressive.  The color, one they had in the shop, had huge flecks of sparkles in it, which was a major decision factor.
They had one other color there that had ginormous flecks of sparkles, so I might consider going back to Brookline Natural Nails to try it out.  However, I am starting to get curious about the nail design skills of the other nail technicians in the spa and in the other spa across the street.

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  1. I agree, I think that you could for sure find something more... "you"!

    I think this one is pretty awesome:


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