Thursday, May 20, 2010

Window Watching

Hi, my name is Cecilia, and I'm nosey.

But hey, I think you might also be nosey, seeing that you're reading about random bits of my life.

So, the way I look at it, if it's evening, night time, the sun has set, you have your indoor lights on, AND your blinds/shades/curtains are wide open, you're basically asking for someone to peer into your window.

I don't really want to catch anyone doing something bad or disgusting.  In truth (I swear!!), I just like seeing how people are using their time and how they've decorated.  I especially like to see what other people are watching on t.v.  I've never actually sat there and looked through another person's open window.  Mainly, I've just been walking down the street and catch glimpses.

Because of this, the boyfriend has insisted that I watch Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window."
"Rear Window" features James Stewart and Grace Kelly
Truth be told, I had never seen it.  But May 1st officially became Rear Window day.

The day started like any normal Saturday.  I wake up easy, head to pilates, and go back home to prepare for whatever might be happening including doing absolutely nothing.  On this particular Saturday, we made plans to chill with friends later that night, but the rest of the day was open.

So, the boyfriend suggested that I finally watch "Rear Window."  Within the first 20 minutes, I fall absolutely in love with the movie.  Firstly, Hitchcock's cinematography and direction are amazing.  Secondly, the set was impressive for that time.  Thirdly, look at all the windows to watch!!!

Even when the movie was over, and we were on our way to meet our friends for dinner, I was still praising the film.

After dinner, we went to our friend's apartment and checked out their roof deck.  They have an amazing view of Boston and the river, and I virtually invited myself to their 4th of July Party.

On one side, however, their roof deck faces a bunch of buildings.  As we peered into one of the buildings with many, many windows, they tell me that it's actually one of the local university dorms that we're looking at.  I tell them all about watching "Rear Window," and they said that the most they ever saw was an attempt at getting laid with a girl who was too busy cleaning her room.

So, we're laughing, drinking some beers, watching some college kids in their rooms and lounges.  On the top most floor, two folks were studying.  One floor down, some dude was sitting on his bed, watching t.v.  Another floor down, there was an empty lounge with several people walking through the hallway.  Then we saw the next floor down.

Just to review:
Top Lounge
Boy's Bedroom
Another Lounge
Girl's Bedroom

A girl was practicing a dance, facing her wide open window.  I'm assuming that she was dancing facing the window because there was a reflection.  But why did she feel the need to then take her shirt off in that same location?

My friend and I nearly fell over the railing laughing our butts off!  We called the other people in our group over, but the moment was gone.  The girl disappeared into a separate area that had its blinds down.

Maybe 15 minutes later, after more laughing, we noticed 3 guys in the lounge above the dancing queen's floor.  One of them proceeded to start dancing on top of one of the tables, while another one started booty dancing on a chair, and the third was tapping a beat on a wall.


They also soon disappeared into a different part of the building.

Alas, the top two floors were less exciting.  The most we saw was the guy had friend's visit, then he changed his shirt and left.  Clearly, we pushed out luck with two different floors.

No, actually, as I type this, I'm remembering that the girl eventually reappeared with another girl.  The same girl then proceeded to take her shirt of AGAIN, but facing away from the window this time

But that was really it.

I couldn't believe how the day turned out!  Now, obviously, I didn't take any picture of it and I'm not saying which college it was.  While I'm sure the "right" thing to do would be to turn away, but again, these people's windows are wide open.  They live in a neighborhood with other tall buildings, of which I'm sure they're perfectly aware of during the day time.

But it just blew my mind to think of the variety of things that were occurring in the same building, and we were the voyeurs.  To think that the occupants are doing normal and not so normal things, but they live completely unaware of all the other things occurring just one floor away.

It was a great way to start the month.  And it will definitely make me more conscious of who's looking down at me and what I'm doing when the blinds are up.
This is what my neighbors see.

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