Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving Karma

On Saturday, May 29th, the boyfriend and I helped two very good friends of ours move to a newer, larger apartment.  These friends have helped me move from my old apartment into the boyfriend's apartment, so I definitely felt that I would want to help them move to a new home.

The problem, however, is that they lived on the 3rd floor and they moved to an elevated 3rd floor (so it was like going up 4 floors).

I plugged through though, with multiple breaks.  With 5 of us moving things up and down stairs, it's really helped us move the majority of things to their new home.  

The boyfriend and I were exhausted.  We slept like logs that night.

The next morning, I woke up extremely sore!  I mean, my legs are so sore and stiff.  I'm walking funny, having trouble going up and down stairs, and just generally feeling a lot of pain.

The boyfriend has some bruising, and his extremities were swelling a bit.  But I guess I pushed myself much harder than he did, because I'm the only one who seems to be in pain.

Yet, I'm still doing so much moving around.  I'm still going to belly dance practice sessions, and generally walking around.  I feel like I can't just wait for the soreness to go away, but I do have to be careful about how I'm moving.

I've been stretching and keeping hydrated, but every time I get up from a seated position, I feel like I need a walker!  Perhaps tonight I will invest in some Epsom Salt and soak in the tub.  I can only hope that the soreness will help my weight loss along. 

All I know is, I will definitely be investing in hiring movers the next time I'm moving anywhere new.  I might even be willing to pitch in for movers the next time my friends are moving.

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  1. It seems like this is a current thing happening. Our friends just moved and we're moving soon. It's such a pain, physically!


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