Thursday, June 17, 2010

8Things - Celebrate the Sun

I'm super excited about this 8Things list.  My favorite season is coming up, and there's so much to look forward to amidst all the sadness in my professional life.

This Spring, I've really felt somewhat like how Spring might feel - in between.  There are wonderful, beautiful days, then come the violent, stormy days.  In Boston, it almost feels like Winter tries to hold on as long as it can, while Summer is sneaking in occasionally to kiss you goodnight.

But I'm so ready for Summer to stay for a while.

Last Summer, I celebrated the Solstice in a somewhat rainy Coney Island with my best friend at the Mermaid Parade.  A lot has happened in this past year.

I want to be aware of all that's happened in the past year this Solstice.  I want to be aware that this is my last week at my job.  I want to be aware that an exciting adventure is on the horizon.  I want to be aware of new doors that will open. 

Here's how I plan to celebrate the longest day of the year.

1. Open up my day with The Beatles Good Day Sunshine and Here Comes the Sun.
Griffith Park, 2008

2. Welcome the Sun with a set of  Sun Salutations.
California, 2009

3.  Dress in the colors of the sun and summer - oranges, yellows, whites, and I have to throw in some green.
Los Angeles, 2002

4.  When I can, hold hands with the boyfriend.
Venice Beach, 2009
5.  Step outside my workplace.  Watch the clouds and smell the flowers, just to remind myself to slow down even though things might be going crazy.
Napa Valley, 2009

6.  Eat vegetarian for the day.
Oahu, HI, 2007

7.  Dance.
Sunrise and Sunset, 2008
 8.  Spend some extra time in the shower with some salt scrubs, and exfoliate away the Spring.
Hawaii, 2007

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