Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago, I decided to embark on an exciting adventure that is this blog.  Here I am, a year later, and still excited about sharing more with you all.

I wish I could tell you that I had a super-awesome give-away in honor of my blogoversary, but alas, I got nothing.

Unless, of course, any one of you would be interested in winning another personalized shirt with the "Maganda Malakas Sirenas" logo on it?  Or perhaps just a shirt with the mermaid tail?  Or maybe you don't want a shirt, but a skirt or a scarf?  I'm open.
Pick this design...
Or this design...

Then choose a color.
The Rules:
  • Leave me a comment!  Just say hi!
  • Tell me what color and size you would like in a shirt (American Apparel).
  • Please leave your email, so that I can get in contact with you!
  • If you share this give-away with anyone else, and they post a comment referring to you, you get 2 entries.
  • If you have a translation of "mermaid" that I don't already have or you help me with one of the ones I already have (on the far right column), you get another entry.
  • I'll pick a winner on June 30th via random number generator.
Relatively easy, yes?  I promise that next year, I'll have a brand spankin' new give-away.

But, on the topic of Anniversaries, today is also my parents' 29th Anniversary.  I know I'm one of the lucky folks who still have parents who love each other dearly.  It hasn't all been perfect.  There's been nights of someone sleeping on the couch, or arguing/debating, or losing patience.  But, for the most part, I know my parents love each other very much.  And they've done one hell of a job raising 3 crazy kids, 4 different dogs, and a pond of koi fish.

Here's one example (out of so many!) of how awesome my parents are:  When I was done with grad school, and things fell apart with my ex, I was at a crossroads - somewhat similar to the crossroads I'm currently facing.  Should I try to find another apartment in Boston?  Should I move home?  Should I go someplace completely different? 

While I know my parents would have wanted me to move home (like they're wanting me to now), they said to me, "You know, you could stay in Boston, you could move to Chicago, you could move back to L.A., but we know that no matter where you are, you'll be okay."

Truth be told, that little bit of encouragement has stuck with me.  So, while this blog is just another thing that I've stuck with, like choosing to live cross-country (for now), it's really a testament to my parents' never ending support.

With that, I leave you with a video of how my parents are, no matter who's in the room.  Happy Anniversary, to Gerry and Ani!

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  1. HI!

    I love your parents! Watching the 18 second video brought a happy celebratory tear to my eye.

    Maganda Malakas Sirenas
    Large turquoise shirt
    #13 Metallic Olive Green


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