Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toesies of the Month - June 2010

June is going to be an intense month.

School year is ending, needing to find some direction in my life, social engagements, belly dance classes.  I feel like June has already come and gone.  Yet, somehow, I've managed to sneak in some time to get a well-deserved pedicure.

So, back in October, I wrote about the decor of nail salons, and mainly about the interesting stock photographs they have featuring a variety of nails holding objects.  More specifically, I laughed about the randomness of one particular photo that featured a pair of nicely manicured hands holding a tiny bicycle.

I now present to you that photo.
Tiny bicycle!
I mean...what?  I still don't get it!  I mean, I understand the idea of holding something to display the nails, but why a small bicycle?  Why?

Even funnier is the fact that this is a completely different nail salon altogether.  This photo is apparently an up and coming image that everyone needs to see.

In other news, I actually did get a pedicure.
Designed by Tym at Golden Finger Nail Salon, Brookline, MA
Color:  Sinful Colors - Show Me The Way
Occasion:  Because I wanted and needed it
June 2010
It's such a crazy color!  I love it!  Seriously, it matches a lot of my clothes and accessories.  Also, I specifically asked for a design that didn't have flowers, though I rarely direct the nail technicians.  But, I figured, I should enjoy my toes this month.

I've talked a lot about being stressed, and how getting my monthly pedicure is a reminder to myself to stay grounded.  What better way to do so than with my power color.

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