Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simple Pleasures - Wiring

Boston's MBTA Map
There's something about riding on the T that makes me feel so grown up.  Maybe it's just the feel of living on the East Coast, maybe it's just me.

I remember when I was in college, and exploring Santa Cruz with friends.  As we drove around in their cars, there was just this thrill.  It was the thrill of freedom.

How exciting to be doing things on my own.

That's the same feeling I get sometimes while riding the T.

And though there are times when I really dislike riding the T, like getting on there without my MP3 player/personal soundtrack to block out other people's extremely personal conversations, there are moments where I am just extremely happy.

In particular, when the T has stopped and the doors are open to let passengers enter and exit, there's a clicking you can hear when you're sitting in the front or far back of the train.  That clicking coincides with the blink of the yellow lights that signal that the trolley waiting, similar to the hazard lights of a car.

There's something about hearing the click and watching the light turn on and off that I really enjoy noticing.  I wish I could be more articulate in explaining it. 

But I think it's just interesting to find that connection between the clicking sound and its ultimate purpose of turning those yellow lights on and off.

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