Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Tarot Spread of 2011

I've been meaning to pull out my tarot cards for a while now.  With the new year, I sometimes feel like change needs to happen so instantaneously.  Like, at the strike of midnight, my troubles will turn into a pumpkin.

While I know that's not how it works, I still need to get some extra guidance.  And what better time than when there's a new moon in the sky!

As I shuffled the cards, I thought a lot about my financial worries, really looking for a job, all the ideas I've had and plans I've made or put on hold.

Interestingly, all of the cards were quite fitting with each other, and they were all in the Swords, Chalices, and Pentacles suites.  If you know a little about tarot, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that!

Swords, not one of my favorite suits, are generally about thoughts, challenges, and often strife.  Chalices are generally about relationships, emotions, and love.  Pentacles are generally about earthly matters, material things, and finances.
First spread of the year
I did a modified Celtic Cross spread based on several bits of information from other tarot card readers I know.

The start of the spread touched upon my unemployment, losing faith in myself, evaluating and re-evaluating my goals.  It talked about how there will be lulls in my worrying, but it can return if I'm not able to recognize the light within me.  It talked about how past is past, and it's time to move on. 

The spread encouraged me to keep fighting and keep going, to stay motivated.  I've done quite a lot of work, and I need to be able to evaluate it with fresh eyes and continue working.  I have a lot of options coming my way, and I need to make choices based on what I love and not what will pay me the most - otherwise, I will just fail.  The spread reminded me about all that I do have, and that I need to share what I have with others. 

A new job or a new opportunity is on its way, according to the Knave of Pentacles, one where I can use my past resources but also build new experiences.  It talks about how I need to maintain some balance between all the things I'm involved in, and to not be afraid of putting one project aside in order to make room for a new project.  The Ace of Swords talks about all the potential I have within me, and it can work in my favor if I am able to see it, but to stay true to my beliefs.

Finally, my previous boss pointed out that a major spread should be concluded with a card from the Major Arcana.  So, as I pulled out more cards, the first Major Arcana card to show itself was The Moon.
Really, how appropriate that this card would show itself on the day of a New Moon.  Really, generally, how appropriate.

The Moon touches upon having to walk my path through some darkness, and possibly by myself.  I have to keep the faith in myself and let go of my mental blocks.  I can't wait for the sun to show, because the opportunities might disappear at that point.  Eventually, the path will be revealed and the lessons I've learned during this journey will only benefit me later.

Definitely some valuable insight in this reading.  One that I've heard from others, and need constant reminders of.  I might be holding on to The Moon card, perhaps place it in my datebook as a reminder.


  1. wow, you know a lot about tarot card-reading! i own a faery tarot deck with art by brian froud...but i consult the book that comes with it to interpret the spreads i get. :)

    linking to your blog from mine. :)

  2. Thanks! I still need to look up some info on each of the I don't know that much more :) But I know a bit about the general meaning behind them all. It's the specifics I need to look up :)


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