Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple Pleasures Sundays - Mango

During my last job interview, the group of Case Managers asked me what kind of fruit I would be.  I outright said Mango.

Why mango?  I've been craving mangoes for a long time.  We've gotten mango juice, dried mango, I've ordered foods in restaurants that would have mango in it.  But, I've just wanted to bite into the mango meat.

At our last trip to Costco, we finally got some mangoes.  While I don't think they're as scrumptious as say fresh mangoes in the Philippines, it definitely satisfied my craving.

I remember feasting on so many mangoes the last time I was in the Philippines, and when I returned to L.A. and had a mango, I remember feeling extremely disappointed.  The Philippine mango is the BEST, in my opinion.

These aren't as sweet as I'm used to, but they're still so juicy.  We have to be careful with the mangoes in our apartment since our tiny galley kitchen gets very warm, so there's a small window of optimum ripeness before they start to go bad.

I've been trying to have fruits for breakfast before I ingest coffee or any other food category.  I am extremely excited to finally have some mango deliciousness in my home.

I think for my next mango adventure, I'm going to mix it with some Greek yogurt and granola.

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