Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures Sundays - The Super Bowl Edition

I'll be straight up.  I'm not naturally a football fan.  In fact, I can still find different reasons why I dislike football.

But in 2007, when I first started dating the boyfriend, I learned that he was not only a big nerd, but also a huge football fan.  His duality was so strange to me.

I told him that I was very content that both my high school and my undergrad didn't have football teams.  I feel like it creates too macho an atmosphere for me to be comfortable.  Otherwise, I didn't really care too much for it.

He decided that he was going to get me interested in football.  He proposed that every time the Patriots scored a point, I would get a kiss.  Well, I quickly learned that each scoring was actually 7 points, which meant I got 7 kisses for every touchdown!


Well, suffice it to say that that season was a heart breaker.  But today, I now enjoy watching football with the boyfriend.

Being that today is the day of the Super Bowl, which I've always enjoyed watching because of the social aspect (much like why I enjoy the World Cup so much), I thought it would be fun to list all the terms in football that make me say, "Excuse me, what?"

Double Entendre Football Terms
Bump and Run
Crackback Block
Down and In
Down and Out
Down Box
End Zone
False Start
Going Deep
Going Long
Illegal Touching
Loose Ball
Muffed Kick
Open Up Holes
Pooch Kick
Pump Fake
Tight End
Too Many Men on the Field
Wide Receiver

Happy Super Bowl to those of you who care!

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