Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3: Still Sore from Bootcamp Challenge

Holy moly, y'all.

This is actually an "off" week for the bootcamp regular classes.  However, as the trainers like to keep us challenged, they set up a marathon obstacle course for the regulars.

They called it the Gazelle Gauntlet.  From the description, it looked like hell.  It looked like it would be the most challenging thing ever.

Originally, I wasn't going to do it because I didn't want to try to have to feel competitive around the more advanced bootcampers.  I know I shouldn't feel competitive.  But it's almost like performing for me.  I felt like I'd be hoping on stage without any knowledge of what I was doing.

But a week before the marathon, our trainer sent an email encouraging all of us to sign up and go for it.  He also called me out in the email.  I was the only one to get called out in the email for joking about there needing to be an ambulance at the finished line.

After reading that email, I was fired up.  I signed up for it and convinced myself that it would just be like regular bootcamp where I wouldn't necessarily know what we were doing that day.  Though, I must say that not knowing is a lot better than knowing.

When I arrived, I saw a small group of my foundation bootcamp compadres.  It felt good to see the familiar faces and knowing that we were all doing it together.  The majority of folks, however, were definitely some of the more advanced (read: fit) folks.

The head trainer started going through the different obstacle courses, which started with climbing over a 3-foot high chain-link fence, included crawling under barbed wire, running a half mile to another park to do some agility exercises, running back to finish with run up and down a set of stairs 5 times.

Suffice it to say, I finished last.  I didn't run the whole way through, and I'm pretty sure I accidentally missed part of the course.

The worst thing was that I had trouble getting over the freakin' chain link fence!!! My shoes were slipping on the metal, and for some reason I couldn't lift myself over the fence!!  I couldn't believe it.  But I pushed myself to get up there, even though I could have just run to the entrance.

Honestly, I'm really irritated that I had so much trouble getting over the fence.  I know it's silly to be pissed about it.  Don't get me wrong, I can laugh about how ridiculous I must have looked.  But it still got me feeling really defeated, and it was the first thing we had to do.  It's the upper body strength that I need to work on, apparently. 

But it was great to be encouraged by my fellow bootcamp-mates.  It was great to finish it, even though it was the first time I felt like crying during bootcamp.

Two days later, I'm still feeling sore, both physically and mentally/emotionally about the literal hurdle I had to climb.  But I'm also feeling really strong and really proud of myself for signing up, for showing up, and for finishing it.

With that, I present to you my creation for the 30 Days of Creativity.
my very first marathon bib
with a buff mermaid

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