Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simple Pleasures Sundays and Day 5: Nature Amidst Industry

It has been much cooler the past couple of days in Boston, but the sun has been shining and the days have been beautiful.  I've been having the urge to just sit outside, anywhere outside, to enjoy the sunshine.

In Boston, it's great to be able to walk around and then stumble upon a "bit of Earth", as though I've stumbled upon a secret garden.  Obviously, it's generally not a secret garden in the middle of the city.  But it's still quite impressive that the city has done a fairly decent job of maintaining a green space.

Today, I was going down to Dorchester for the Dorchester Day Parade.  As we were looking for the start of the parade, we passed by the old Baker Chocolate Factory-turned-Apartment.  Running through it was a little brook.

It honestly reminded me of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the O.G. one, people) with the chocolate river.  Even more honestly, it kind of looked like it, though I couldn't really say it was from the chocolate.

So, for my Day 5, I present to you this little bit of Earth and Water.
Day 5
Dorchester, MA

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  1. oooh!!! i love it!!! :D a love me some bit of earth <3


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