Wednesday, December 23, 2009

City Sights - Exactly what are you selling me?

As my boyfriend and I are flying to Los Angeles for the holidays, here's an L.A. edition of City Sights.

In a city focused on and run by the media, marketing executives really have to get very creative about getting their information to the masses.  But, sometimes, you just aren't very sure about what's really being advertised.

Here are 2 strange advertisements in the City of Angels.

Giant Baby Heads and Helmets?
Near Wilton and Wilshire
July 2009
I learned after that they were public service announcements about keeping your kids safe.
But when you're just casually driving down through Koreatown, this can be quite a frightening sight coming at you.
You just can't be too sure about what's happening in K-town.

Chickens Selling...Chickens?
Near 8th and Vermont
December 2008
Now, I really have no idea what's happening here.
Is this a plug for a restaurant?  A market?  A joke shop?
Or is this a threat of what's to come when the apocalypse arrives?

Oh, Los Angeles.  You crack me up.

I can't wait to land in the warm weather (flip flops already prepped as they make security lines that much easier).  I can't wait to see my friends and family, and meet new little ones that just joined our world not too long ago.  I can't wait for all the delicious (Filipino) food that I plan to stuff my face with.

Oh, Los Angeles.  Hello again.

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