Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Mythological Dating Type

Today, this blessed first day of December, I finally received Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur:  A Mythological Dating Guide by Francesca Lia Block in the mail.

I have been waiting patiently for my Amazon.com package.  I would eagerly check the mail when I got home from work, checking all over the foyer for packages and even examining packages that don't have my name on it.

When I realized the package had finally arrived, I basically tore it open as I waited for the elevator.

So, after a bit of reading, re-reading, tallying, and re-tallying, I realized that I don't fit neatly into one category (when have I ever?).  I don't fit neatly into a simple combination either.

I am a Pixie-Tess Cusp with a Mer-Tree Rising.

According to the Mythological Dating Guide, the Tess (from Giantess) is the "Gentle Mother," intuitively observant, putting others before herself, and enjoying a comfortable home with a stocked pantry.  The Pixie is "Miss Popularity," and is described as extremely social, not easily provoked, and fashion conscious.

I found myself going back and forth between the two descriptions to see which I was more like.  I feel that while I am most definitely the maternal type, my social nature will not allow me to be a homebody.  It's SO difficult for me to take a nap - unless I'm really that exhausted. And if I sleep for too long over the weekend, I feel like I need to leave the house and feel connected to the world a little more.

The Mer-Tree is a combination of the Dryad (a tree nymph) and Mermaid.  The Dryads are the "Nature Creatures," the healers.  The Mermaid is "The Diva," much more concerned about her physical appearance and having a very strong voice.

Now, I'm such a city girl, it's not even funny.  Nothing against nature and camping and all, but I'm grateful for indoor plumbing and French-pressed coffee.  But, being part Dryad, I want to make the world a better place.  Even more so, I'm so NOT a diva!  My "bling" is more in the form of natural materials (as pictured above).  However, being part Mermaid, I know that I can use my strong voice to make things happen and work towards my goals...and look fabulous while doing it.

For the Boys
There are Male categorizations, too!!!  Totally love it!  My boyfriend is straight up a Werewolf-Giant.  He fit nice and snugly in between the two...to a tee!  I'm planning to take some time to look through the book and see how my friends and family fit into the mythological types.

*UPDATED Dec 4th*
I brought this book to work to share with the Interns.  I gushed all about it to them the day before, and they were excited to find out what types they were.  They thoroughly enjoyed reading the descriptions of their types after answering the questions, and one even joked that she would use the type as a pick-up line, "Hi there...I'm a Fairy...what are you?"  Good times....Good times, indeed....

*UPDATED Dec 4th*
Here's a review of the book on Jezebel:  "Am I Dating a Werewolf? And Other Questions for Francesca Lia Block."   It's funny that so many people in the comments talk about how horrified they were that another dating guide was out there and that Jezebel was promoting it.  But, it made me beg the question, "Why are those people taking it so seriously?"  It's a fiction book.  It's for fun.  Though Francesca has really good insights into people's personalities, she doesn't claim to be a guru or expert.  If some "idiot" out there takes the book (and astrology, or tarot, or religion) so seriously that they don't take risks or chances outside of what someone else says, then why is that someone else's problem?

As a lover of myths and fairy tales (and self-proclaimed Disney-fan), it's a fun way to carry over some of those ideas into adulthood.  As Francesca Lia Block notes in her introduction, many of us have grown up with the values of Happily Every After, and Disney Princesses are one of the most sought after franchises today.  This book doesn't say, "Don't every date a Satyr or a Werewolf!"  It says, "There's lots of different people out there!  Don't be sad if one relationship doesn't work - it's not anyone's fault.  Now go find someone who will make you happy."  The book is a fun way to rework our quest for "Prince Charming," (which, by the way, I think the Fables version is quite appropo) and consider a more accurate mythological partner for ourselves.

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