Monday, December 21, 2009

Toesies of the Month - December 2009

The December blizzard has finally arrived.  Seems like it hits pretty hard around this time every year.

My theory is that the City of Boston knows that it's losing the majority of its population to the holidays.  So many of the students leave for winter break, I'm sure the City feels lonely.  But Boston is somewhat passive-aggressive.

Sometimes it will snow, as it did on the 20th, and the City is successful in holding on to its inhabitants for just a little longer.  But, us pesky humans manage to get away.  While Boston is happy that it's not completely desolate, it's still angry at all of us who leave.

Boston has one more chance to mess with us:  Our return flight.  If somehow Boston manages not to thwart the departure, you can bet that the City will call the Snow Gods over for an extended stay right around the time when the vacationers return.

I shake my fist at your efforts, Boston!!!

December 20, 2008

December 20, 2009

I have this habit of going out into the snow when most sane people choose to stay indoors.  It's almost like my California attitude forces me to go and enjoy the outdoors, even in unfavorable conditions (as pictured above).  Maybe it's the need to feel connected to the world even if it feels like I live in a tundra some times.

In honor of my fist-shaking at the snow, I decided to take this Boston Public School sanctioned snow day to get my toes did.

Designed by Nina at Dana's Nail Salon, Brighton, MA
Color:  SEPHORA by OPI - Absynthe Makes the Heart
Occasion:  Snow and Solstice
December 2009

As today is the Winter Solstice, I decided on this dark gray with green and silver sparkles to symbolize the light coming from the darkness.  I definitely cannot wait for the sun to be in the sky a little bit longer every day.  2009 has been a very challenging year, so I'm ready for 2010.

I'm sure I mentioned this in previous Toesies posts, but I enjoy having the nail technicians decide on the design.  In such a redundant and repetitive job, I try to offer them a chance to be a little creative.  Here's a closeup of the toe design.

Star and Martini?  Snowflake and Bell?

I had to laugh a little bit at this design.  Nina asks me if I knew what it was, and from my angle it looks like a New Year's theme with a star and martini.  But she explained that it was actually meant to be a snowflake and a bell!

But really, why can't it be both?  Both are a great way to "ring" in a new and hopefully less challenging year.

Happy Winter Solstice!!!


  1. I thought it was a martini glass & star- party toes!

    This week I got white toes & wanted red stripes like a candy cane, but ended up with some kooky black and gold design :D The prior pedi was a real doozy! Isn't it just awesome for such a little bit of pampering goes a long way. Oooh, the massage that comes along with it *sigh*

    Thank goodness I'm a girl!

    BTW does your sweetie ever tag along with you?
    Oh and one last look cute as heck out in the snow :P

  2. I feel like I should carry a martini around just for the comparison :)

    Black and gold is still holiday-ish, so that's not the worst! Regardless, it's just the best thing to get into that spa chair!

    The boyfriend hasn't come along with me...but I'm trying to convince him to come! I've actually managed to get him to stop biting his nails by doing his nails at home! So I'm close to getting him to come with me :D

    Thank you!!!

  3. That nail art is fantastic. Perfect to put anyone in the festive mood.

    Great shots of snow at your place :)
    Loved your reason for going out in the snow.

    It's my first visit to your wonderful blog and am having a good time here :)

    Keep up the good work & have a great time this festive season.


  4. Um adorable. I can't believe someone can put a design on your toenail.

  5. @Chatterbox: Welcome! Pedicures (and shopping) are the big excuses for braving the snow :) I'm glad you're enjoying your visit!

    @Maxie: Hello! Yes!! It's awesome :) Usually, there are some designs you can choose from. But for the most part, I think that if the nail technician can do it without checking a picture, you've got a good one! Feel free to look at my past Toesies of the Month posts to compare and contrast!


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