Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Community in Los Angeles

I love L.A.  For me, it means home, family, warmth.  For a long time, I've chosen not to live in L.A. because I'm sure that I might not want to leave again.

But, when I start my own little family, I know I want to be in the City of Angels.  Not only will I have lots of free babysitting options (between my bazillion relatives and my amazing friends), but I want my children to be surrounded by the Filipino and Los Angeles culture.

"What Los Angeles culture?" you might be saying.  "Isn't Los Angeles just full of non-Los Angelenos working their way into show business?  Or it's full of movie stars and rich people and undocumented immigrants?"

If you're saying those things, you need to tell me when you're coming to L.A., and I'll fly over there to give you a tour myself.  I'm sure my friends would also show you the L.A. they love instead of what you only see on t.v.

L.A. is so much more.  And it's really exciting to know that not everyone feels so negatively about my city.

While I'm still Boston...I'm definitely aspiring to own a Los day.

As I was avoiding work and catching up on some blogs I've been meaning to check out, I read some background story on Love in the Time of Foreclosure (the image on the right is from their website).

The fact is, these folks from the Midwest have been able to find "home" and "community" in L.A, though they are going through some financial difficulties.

I was very excited to read their post (link above) about finding and belonging in a community.  I couldn't help but pass it along and share it.


  1. I'd love to make a home for myself in LA, but I'll never be able to afford it & it's ashame because I feel great when I'm there!

  2. If ever the stars align and you make it over there when I'm there, I would gladly try to help you out :)


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