Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Talking Tunes - "I Wanna Know Your Name" by The Intruders

My morning ritual goes something like this:
-Hit snooze for a half hour
-Hit the bathroom
-Drink some water, and take my allergy medicine and vitamins
-Watch local news from 6:30-7:00am
-Grab some coffee and check emails

-Switch over to Music Choice's Classic R&B channel (mainly because the boyfriend can't stand the Today show)

Now, the Classic R&B channel is great.  Lots of great music, and I discover all this awesome music that I probably wouldn't have ever sought out before.  The music ranges from R&B, soul, and funk - many of which gets sampled in so many songs I heard on the radio growing up. 

Once in a while, a song comes along and grabs my attention.  Not necessarily because I'm grooving to it or feeling it...but because someone starts talking!  Possibly to me, the listener!  

I admit that I have a personal love for the monologues that happen in the middle of songs.  Usually, it involves someone trying to hit on someone else, or they're proclaiming the love they have inside.  This morning, I was crooned to by The Intruders in "I Wanna Know Your Name" (written by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff).

Here are the speaking parts, which is in the middle and ends of the song:

Let me introduce myself
My name is Little Sonny
I drive a little red Volkswagen
I like to go horse-back riding
I like all kind of sweets
Cupcakes, currants, and things like that

This is why I can't help from noticing you
Just a jazzy, jazzy ol' babe
Come on, can I have this dance
Something as groovy as this, we got to dance

Lord, have mercy
Am I holding you too tight?
Oh, I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, 'scuse me
Ain't gonna get too close
When are you going to tell me your name?
Please tell me your name?
I'm just going to have to grab you and hold you a little closer
'Cause, I just got to
Lord, have mercy


Listen, what about if you give me your phone number
And I call you one Saturday afternoon
Perhaps, we'll go in town
Have a little bite to eat
And then maybe go and take in a little movie
And afterwards
I'll just drop you at the doorstep
And give you a little kiss
Oh, I, just, so many things that we could do
If you just tell me your name
I'm not even married
Are you married

(singing chorus to fade)  

Where should I even start???  I's sweet and all that he wants to know your name...but even before your name, he's already all up in your personal space!  I realize that something like this might have actually worked back in the early 70's.  But if someone tried that today, they'd be arrested so fast and then given a restraining order.

Of course, if someone sang to me to try to get my information, I might be swayed.

So, here's the song for your listening pleasure...maybe you will also be swayed...

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