Thursday, April 22, 2010

8 Things - If (Then)

This is a perfect topic for this week.  As tomorrow is my birthday, I feel like a lot of What If questions have been coming through my mind.  Well, this is my chance to answer them.

1.  If I was getting paid for doing what I love to do I would feel less stressed about other aspects of my life. (Then I need to sign up for workshops, look for specific types of jobs, and not give up.  Even if the job you want doesn't exist, you can work towards it!)

2.  If I was just a little less overweight I would feel more comfortable in my own body.  (Then I not only need to realize that I'm already doing so much to work towards my goal, but that it takes small changes like recognizing when I'm emotionally eating.  I also need to realize that there are already small changes happening!)

3.  If we had a bigger apartment we could fit all of our collective crap.  (Then clean out/throw away/donate all the crap you don't used/haven't used in the past season/doesn't fit right/isn't useful.  Perhaps this will lead to more space in the space we're already in.)

4.  If we were eating healthier we would have a lot more variety in our diets.  (Then we need to consider joining a Meat CSA and try new recipes.  Our Veggie CSA is starting in June, so it's a great time to start experimenting.)

5.  If I moved back home I don't know if I could really learn how to truly take care of myself.  (Then I know that if worse comes to worse, I can always move home.  But I'm not yet ready, and I will do what I need to do to keep myself employed and taken care of in Boston.)
Westmoreland Ave.
6.  If I had more in my savings I would feel more secure.  (Then I should try to budget out how much I should put aside every week.  Someone once said to me, "You're on unemployment.  You can't save right now."  But, why not?  That's a challenge if I ever heard one!)

7.  If I had a teleportaion device travel between the coasts would be a lot simpler.  (Then I need to learn how to travel better.  Pack lighter, look for better deals, bring entertainment on a flight.  While I can't mess with the science of teleportation, I can at least make my travel experience more pleasant.)

8.  If I stopped being afraid of the unknown or didn't let my imagination get the best of me a lot more things would be out in the open.  (Then I need to realize that I've taken a lot of leaps in my life, and I'm still here.  I also need to realize that some things will get worse before they get better, and that's okay as well.)

Man, that was difficult.  But here's to a new year and a new beginning!


  1. I can relate to your list! It is nice to re-frame things. Happy Birthday to you!

    Stopped by via Magpie Girl. :)

  2. Regarding #6 - sometimes it helps to give stuff away - that always makes me feel richer, more secure and more abundant : )
    I really like your list.

  3. Great list (and Happy B-day!). I like #8. That's a great way to watch opportunities unfold before you, by being open to them. And the leaps and bounds thing is so true! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of how brave we are.

  4. #1 put into words what I've been feeling and haven't articulated! Completely relate. Also, #6. And, happy birthday!



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