Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dream Escapes - Yoni's Owner

I'm feeling like I want to start using this blog as a place to put some of my dreams.

When I used to sleep more, in my younger and less busy days, I frequently had dreams and would often remember them vividly.  There were times when my dreams would hint at some event to come, and there were times when little bits of my dreams would come true.

My best friend/soul sister used to have incredibly vivid and foretelling dreams.  Once, our German Shepherd went missing, and she dreamed that he returned, barking at our front gate.  My father and I were sitting at our dining table, and said how much we would appreciate him now.  About 2 weeks, the exact thing happened.

Now, I like to think that I have my feet on the ground.  But I also believe that there are times when things are unexplainable.

Luckily, my boss also feels the same way.  I love that I can bring a dream to supervision as an agenda item!  She taught me that the best way to interpret a dream (no, not using those dictionaries!) is to figure out exactly what you were feeling in a dream, and find an example in your life where that exact feeling is showing up.  Then, you can ask yourself, if there was something I could have changed about my own actions in the dream, what would I change?

It's a great tool, really.  So, I hope you don't mind that I'm using this space as a part-time dream journal.
Let's start with a short one:
All I really remember was that the boyfriend and I were home.  This woman appeared at our door, claiming to be Yoni's (our kitty) owner.  She called her Yoni, though, which I thought was weird that she named the cat what we named her.

As I handed her over, I immediately started to cry.  I couldn't believe that we were willing to just give her back to this woman who lost her in the first place.  

I remember waking up slightly, and crying as I awoke.  I remember feeling like my boyfriend didn't care that we were giving her away, and he didn't care that I was so saddened by it.  

I realized that I had been dreaming, as Yoni lay curled up by our feet.

It's strange really, that I was feeling such anxiety from losing her.  Clearly, my boyfriend and I love her very much and feel very attached to her.  I suppose that I was feeling very alone in my anxiety, which is true, since my boyfriend seemed to brush away my dream as "just an anxiety dream" and nothing more.

But, sometimes I do feel like I'm alone in my anxieties, not necessarily about Yoni.  At work and in general, I feel like there's a lot of burdens being put on me - much of which I know I have to go through on my own, though people are still supportive.

Either way, I do know that my boyfriend and Yoni are constants in my life, and I can turn to their support in the worst of situations.  And if some lady were to come and claim Yoni as hers, she's going to have to fight me for her!

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